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And then the water-bed obstacle

To launch the BMW X Series in India, we did the unthinkable. We revealed it 60 feet down under!!!

We simulated rough terrain conditions in a city environment, with a 10-obstacle test track to demonstrate the superior off-road capabilities of the X Series!

A spectacular high-energy performance by Australian troupe Raw Bang set the tone for this globally recognized launch

BMW Xperience, 2011 – Delhi NCR

The strength of a man is when he can turn adversity into opportunity. At the end of a crippling global recession, we took the unfinished excavation site of India's largest ever mall that never got built and converted it into an off-road adventure park for the launch of the BMW X series in India. Surrounded by the sky scrapers of Cyber City in Gurgaon we brought to life rough terrain conditions in an urbane city environment to demonstrate the fantastic off-road capabilities of the BMW X Series.

A jaw-dropping, earth-shaking launch of the BMW X Series 60 feet down under!