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Mind-boggling pyrotechnics encircled the stadium as a fitting finale to the ceremony

A truly world-class show!

Bollywood star and Guwahati FC owner John Abraham's grand entry on an ATB with his brigade of bikers

The Kanjeevaram Countdown reflected South India's tradition in full spirit. Each team was introduced with a gigantic customized Kanjeevam silk disc

Rajjnikant arrived in an Oldsmobile with the match ball to herald the start of the big show

The daunting Domino Sequence

And we literally footballed!

A R Rahman delivered a specially created rendition of the National Anthem

And then, the fantastic fireworks display over the stadium

Hero ISL Opening Ceremonies

Our very first Opening Ceremony in 2015 in Chennai, saw some jaw dropping entertainment, the regional culture's uniqueness, pyrotechnics, an enviable star-cast and a spectacular live domino tumble (the world's largest ever) to create a 30-minute jaw-dropping wonder that actually took the stadium by storm and had the media wallowing!!!

A unique combination of global show technologies, human ingenuity and Bollywood Masala – the Hero ISL Opening Ceremony 2016 in Guwahati, took everybody's breath away.

The Hero Indian Super League (HISL) India's domestic football league is held under the aegis of the All India Football Federation and hosted by Reliance, IMG and Star TV.