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A multi-layered, multi-dimensional story

That unfolded on the Vidhan Sabha facade

Through a fantastic 3D mapping projection showcase!

A 100 Rajasthani acrobats performed synchronised moves in mid-air in what was a breath-taking spectacle

140 performers from across the state of Rajasthan kept the rhythm alive as they continuously showcased a fusion of folk dances of the region on a multilevel stage

Resurgent Rajasthan Closing Ceremony, 2016 - Jaipur

On Nov 19, 2015, Jaipur witnessed a mega Showtime creation that interwove technology and the essence of Rajasthani culture to showcase the state's admirable progress in future-readiness. The Resurgent Rajasthan Cultural Night left spectators spellbound with 3D projection on a heritage building, indigenous acrobats performing in mid-air as one synchronized choreographed group and 100+ live performers.